A Journey to the center of the Heart.

February 3rd, 2011

This morning I woke up to Aaron waking up the kids for school. As parents, we know how hard that is, especially when you are dealing with preteens and teenagers! I rolled over and thought, “Uuuhhg”. My motivation this morning: coffee. Gotta-get-up, gotta-get-up, … I finally got out of bed, sat at the table, and slowly started waking up. Just then, Caine entered the kitchen with the same feeling. Katie, she is always bright and happy in the morning just like her daddy, and of course to Caine and me that can be extremely annoying at times and you just want to go back to bed.

While we were still waking up, Aaron got out the Bible and started to give the kids their morning devotional. At the end, Caine, seemingly not paying attention, blurted out, “I got a devo for you.” Aaron and I glanced at him and replied, “Okay.” I blurted out, “Caine, this better be good.” Of course I was thinking, the nerve of this kid! He didn’t listen to anything Aaron had read. He’d better not be messing around or else he will meet the wrath of his mother under two cups of coffee! Here is his devo to Aaron and me:

“Okay, take your finger and spin it in a circle like a rotating wheel, but spin away from your body then towards your body … like this.” Aaron and I did this with no problem. I was thinking, “What is this?”
“Okay, now take your other finger and spin it in the opposite direction at the same time.” Man, I couldn’t do it … my mind wasn’t getting it. I tried and tried. We all laughed because of the seriousness in our faces trying this. I asked Caine if this was something he had to learn in music school, but it wasn’t. I kept trying, I just couldn’t..
Then Caine picked up a pen and held it up and said, “Okay, Mom, now just focus on this pen and then try. I still couldn’t get it. I did get it in two rotations but lost it. Aaron couldn’t get it either.

Caine then placed the pen back on the table and said, “You see, guys, this pen represented Christ and when we try to center our lives in Him in our own strength, we can’t. It is He who centers it for us. Did you see how hard it is when you try to do something out of your own strength? You get worn out, frustrated, eventually you stop and just say, “I can’t do it!” Now, imagine it without Jesus (the pen). You have no center at all!

I thought., in all seriousness, “Duuuuuuuuuude, that was awesome!” I mean that was all I can say …”Dude!” I know it isn’t a great descriptive word, but it is a word that has tons of meaning for that specific occurring moment.
The Lord gave me an awesome devotional into the center of my heart, and I am actually still chewing on that. My pastor back at home always used this scripture in his life and taught it to the congregation..”Lord take my heart and show any wicked way in me, that I may repent.” If Jesus was not the center of my heart, I honestly don’t know where I would be and I don’t really want to even think about it. He saved me from myself, from my self-centeredness.

What is going on:

* Jennifer and Gunther finally have their boys! She was in labor for 46 hours and had to get a Cesarean. Both boys are healthy and quite beautiful. Their names are David and Jonathan.
* Aaron is teaching Tuesdays and some Sundays, and will be taking over when Jenny and Gunther will be leaving for the States this summer for a short time.
* Dani is still slowly translating.
* Finances … it is super expensive and the Lord has been and is so faithful! He sold our car so the money we made from that will help tremendously!
* Aaron returned from the Western Europe Pastors Conference, and was tremendously blessed.

Our Children:

* Caine is now attending the Grunstadt School of Music and started to play another instrument, the Harmonica. He is doing well in school and is speaking and understanding German more and more!
* Katlyn is constantly studying and doing better in school, she will be working with horses and I am sure she will love it! She is helping me with organizing the Spa retreat and also is planning her own Valentines Party with the theme Gods love, four of her friends are coming over with only one being a Christian. She is our little evangelist and has such a gift of relationships.
* Little Sophia will be entering Kindergarden this year in August and is speaking all the time in both German and English. She loves puzzles and is doing 25 piece puzzles now. She is our little helper but also a little bossy. She tells us stories about Jesus walking on water and how He is in our hearts.

Prayer requests:

* We may have to move out of our apartment since there will be new owners for this building. They are wanting to turn it into a coffee shop. Please pray for direction if that is the case, and apartments that are affordable.
* Jennifer and I are planning a women’s spa retreat this June and we asked Autumn Nagy to speak. She will be booking tickets this week to come! Pray for traveling mercies and for the retreat itself.
* In addition, the Lord has placed a burden on my heart to hold a purity conference for the end of this year or next year. Please pray as Jenny and I prepare and plan for it.
* Aaron needs prayer since his work place is a mission field as well, and he has had many opportunities to share the gospel and to counsel.
* Pray that our children may continue to grow in the Lord and in the language.
* Pray for taxes … that we will not owe anything.
* For our families at home. Dani’s mother was in ICU again recently.
* Pray for the Spencer family, who will be going to Greece in March.
* Pray for Dani’s upcoming driving test.

We thank you for all your prayers. Let the Lord be your center in all that you do and say. As the Psalm reads, and as we should say, “Lord, you are mine!” ~Psalm 119:57

3 Responses to “A Journey to the center of the Heart.”

  1.   Bob on February 3, 2011 8:21 pm

    Thanks for the update. We miss you guys. Will be sending a separate email about some things on our end.


  2.   Kristin on February 4, 2011 9:16 am

    Hey guys!! Thanks for the update and for asking for prayer for us, we need it! So excited to read about what is going on there, we’ll keep you guys in prayer for sure!! Miss you so much!

  3.   Sharim on February 22, 2011 6:24 pm

    Wow Go Jesus! Caine is such a good kid, as are all of them! Just keep leading them in the way they shall go Dani! We are praying for you!!! <3 and hugs.

    Caleb and Sharim

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