A Girl Named Esther from South Korea

May 21st, 2010

Imagine yourself going to a country and not knowing the language.
Now imagine yourself going to a different country to an English speaking college.

Yes! This is like home, people know my language. I can communicate! I understand the teacher! Easy as 1..2…3!

Not for a named Esther. She is in our Missions Training Program. She is from S. Korea. The first day of class our teacher asked us, “Where do you think the Lord is leading you?” One by one we answered with excitement, then it came to Esther…In broken English she replied, “It…very..hard for me…I don’t speak good English. But..I pray..and God WILL hear.
I was just sitting there in awe..WOW! This is just walking with tremendous faith. Basically, it shut me up I couldn’t fathom it. Yes, it takes tremendous faith and it is hard but in all reality we do take the easy route, going to where we are familiar, safe, going to where it is beautiful, and secure. For Esther all this is new! During our speakers week the college provided excellent speakers, speakers who have been through tough times and hardships and also seen the Lord follow through with endless promises and rescue.
The following week we were back in our MTP class. The teacher asked, “What did you learn? How did the Lord touch your heart?” One by one we answered and then it came to Esther…In tears she replied, “I couldn’t understand hardly anything and I was frustrated, I prayed, I cried, I plead, Lord PLEASE help me to understand I want to know YOU more!” And then the Lord answered my cry with this scripture verse…Romans 5:3-4…Pam, our teacher, told Esther. “It’s okay you can read it in your language.” And she did and our class read along with her in our English bible.Rms 5:3-4 “And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character and character hope.”
This is the exact message we were taught all week and the Lord spoke to Esther through His word..He spoke to her!!! Oh man, this is, such a blessing!!! For all of us..As it is written…The Lord will answer if we seek after Him. Guys! This was witnessed first hand by all of us in this situation and we were all so blessed by it.

On Thursdays we have our church services and on this particular Thursday I saw Esther on stage. Esther playing the piano. Her eyes closed her fingers moving across the keyboard praising God in the gift He gave her in a language she understood. She might not speak our language, she might not understand it all (I believe the Lord is giving her the English language pretty quickly)..one thing I do know is her life is filled with the love of God, a joy that I haven’t seen in quite some time, and an abiltiy to communicate from the heart by sitting at His feet in complete humility and surrender. Oh Lord that you will grant us the same heart as we seek Your face in complete humility and surrender. I hope this encouraged you, pray for Esther. As we are here pray that the Lord will do the same in our hearts as well and in yours.

With our love to you and praying for you that you will receive the same blessings in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Greens

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